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Publikationsreihe Aging Studies

Die Reihe wird herausgegeben von Heike HartungUlla Kriebernegg und Roberta Maierhofer.




Amy Clotworthy

Empowering the Elderly?

How ›Help to Self-Help‹ Health Interventions Shape Ageing and Eldercare in Denmark

By investigating how state and economic interests intersect with everyday life, this book provides important insights into the provision of eldercare.



Núria Casado-Gual / Emma Domínguez-Rué / Maricel Oró-Piqueras (eds.)

Re-discovering Age(ing)

Narratives of Mentorship

This book offers an analysis of the narrative of mentorship as reflected in various cultural texts, which cover fiction, drama, film, life writing.



Carmen Concilio (ed.)

Imagining Ageing

Representations of Age and Ageing in Anglophone Literatures

What do literary texts tell us about growing old? Representations of ageing and old age in canonical works of English and postcolonial literature.



Hanne Laceulle

Aging and Self-Realization

Cultural Narratives about Later Life

A thorough philosophical critique of dominant cultural views about later life, that aims to offer outlines for more inspiring perspectives on aging.



Line Grenier / Fannie Valois-Nadeau (eds.)

A Senior Moment

Cultural Mediations of Memory and Ageing

This book explores how ageing is experienced across the lifespan through studies of practices, objects, representations and narratives of memory.


Heike Hartung (ed.)

Embodied Narration

Illness, Death and Dying in Modern Culture

From the perspectives of age and gender studies, the volume aims to investigate how embodied experience such as illness, death and dying affect literary form.


Sally Chivers / Ulla Kriebernegg (eds.)

Care Home Stories

Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Residential Care

Institutional care for seniors offers a cultural repository for fears and hopes about an aging population. The essays in this book challenge stereotypes of institutional care for older adults.


Simone Francescato / Roberta Maierhofer / Valeria Minghetti / Eva-Maria Trinkaus (eds.)

Senior Tourism

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging and Traveling

This volume aims to bridge the disciplinary gap between tourism studies and aging studies. It investigates the intersections of tourism and aging from a variety of perspectives.


Dagmar Gramshammer-Hohl (ed.)

Aging in Slavic Literatures

Essays in Literary Gerontology

This volume brings together contributions that investigate aging and old age as represented and narrated in Slavic literatures.


Cordula Endter / Sabine Kienitz (Hg.)

Alter(n) als soziale und kulturelle Praxis

Ordnungen – Beziehungen – Materialitäten

Wie wird man eigentlich alt? Können Dinge auch altern? Und wie verändern sich die eigenen biographischen Erfahrungen und der Umgang mit Erinnerung(en)? Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf das Altern als soziale Praxis.


Marta Cerezo Moreno / Nieves Pascual Soler (eds.)

Traces of Aging

Old Age and Memory in Contemporary Narrative

This collection examines how narratives condition the experience of old age departing from Paul Ricoeur's concept of »trace« as the mark of time.


Maricel Oró-Piqueras / Anita Wohlmann (eds.)

Serializing Age

Aging and Old Age in TV Series

As the first of its kind, this volume explores how American and British TV series frame life narratives of age and aging and how serial storytelling impacts concepts of time.


Aagje Swinnen / Mark Schweda (eds.)

Popularizing Dementia

Public Expressions and Representations of Forgetfulness

Dementia in popular culture: Forgetfulness is represented, expressed and negotiated in film, literature, arts, and media.


Ulla Kriebernegg / Roberta Maierhofer / Barbara Ratzenböck (eds.)

Alive and Kicking at All Ages

Cultural Constructions of Health and Life Course Identity

The linking of age and ill-health is part of a cultural narrative of decline as age is often defined as the absence of good health. Research has shown that we are aged by culture, but we are also culturally made ill when we age.


Anita Wohlmann

Aged Young Adults

Age Readings of Contemporary American Novels and Films

Old at heart – Aged Young Adults takes an uncommon approach to age studies by applying concepts of age and aging to characters who are in their twenties and thirties.


Ulla Kriebernegg / Roberta Maierhofer (eds.)

The Ages of Life

Living and Aging in Conflict?

Living and aging as a productive antagonism. Aging and growing older are processes which cannot be reduced to the chronology of years but which are shaped by the individual's interaction with the changing circumstances of life.


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