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Promotion of Young Researchers

With regards to a sustainable interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of Age/ing Studies, it is particularly relevant to promote young talent in an interdisciplinary context. Through project cooperation and the affiliation of young scientists, interdisciplinary scientific cooperation is promoted at an early stage and young researchers gain experience in this field.


Current Dissertations in the field of Age and Care research

Braunersreuther Christine Dissertation: "(Re)präsentation von transnationaler Care-Arbeit in Ausstellungen“ (Representations of transnational care-work in exhibitions)

Enge Ingrid Dissertation: "Leben mit Demenz. Eine philosophische Untersuchung im Kontext des Demenzdiskurses" (Life With Dementia. A Philosophical Analysis in the Context of a Dementia Discourse)

Kainradl Anna-Christina Dissertation: "Alte und Hochaltrige Migrant*innen in Graz“ (Old migrants in Graz)

Ratzenböck Barbara Dissertation: Medienerfahrungen von Frauen 60+ (Media experience of women 60+)

Schüttengruber Gerhilde Dissertation: "Pflegeabhängigkeit in palliativ/end-of-life Situationen" (Care dependence in palliative/end-of-live situations)

Trinkaus Eva-Maria Dissertation: "Literary Foodscapes“

Zwanzger Katharina Dissertation: "Aging Identities"

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